10 Raccoon Facts For Kids

Raccoons are shrewd and inquisitive creatures for children. They are known for devastating nurseries and making a wreck at trash jars. They look like wearing a dark veil or mask that covers their eyes. That makes them look like adorable looters.
1. A raccoon warm-blooded creature species locally found in North America. Raccoons' average lifespan is 2 to 3 years. Though, it can live until 5 years in a good healthy atmosphere in the wild.
2. A raccoon performs all the locomotive actions of life during nights. Therefore, they are nocturnal.
3. A raccoon is noteworthy for its insight.
4. It consumes plants and animals to get energy. Small animals, vertebrates and invertebrates are their food.   Raccoons have gray or brown fur on their bodies. Around the eyes it is black.
5. In general, their locomotion is walking on the soles of the feet, like a human or a four-legged animal like a bear. They can get up on their hind feet and stand tall lifting their paws to examine objects. Raccoons have…

Statue of Liberty Facts for Kids

1. The Statue of Liberty isn't an ordinary landmark. It represents freedom for all individuals around the globe. It is a gigantic model based on Liberty Island in New York City.
2. The sculpture is made using metals, copper and iron. The statue is 305 feet and 1 inch tall that makes it 225 ton heavy.
3. There are 354 steps to move to the top of the Statue of Liberty, which is proportionate to a 20 story building.
4. The statue of liberty is the third-highest sculpture of the world after the statue of liberty and the Spring Temple Buddha.
5. Its torch flame is gold-plated which focuses on the way to freedom.

6. The Statue of Liberty denotes the friendship between the USA and France during the American Revolution.
7. Then individuals used to go by ships. The southwest location of the Statue of Liberty empowered it to invite any guests.
8. The Statue of Liberty takes after the Roman goddess "Libertas" who speaks freedom from mistreatment and dictatorship.
9. Fire is viewed as an…

Antarctica Interesting Facts for Kids

Antarctica is a very unique continent among all the continent. When the Antarctica lesson is taught in the school, kids pay almost attention because of their unique characteristics. 

Antarctica stands at number 5 when we compare its area with other continents. It is situated on the Southpole of the earth. The continent is twice in size of Australia covering an area of 14 million square kilometers. The continent is encircled by the Southern ocean from all directions.  

The Coldest & Driest Place
Most of the part of Antarctica almost 98% is covered with the thick ice of almost 2 kilometers. The weather is the coldest and driest of the earth. Windy cold waves run here to shiver you up. 

The human population is very less in Antarctica. It is only between 1000 to 5000 that too during summer. 
The researchers and tourists live temporarily in Antarctica. During winter the human population migrates to their native countries due to extremely cold weather. The minimum temperature can dip up to -…

A Brief Introduction About Box Jellyfish For Kids

Jellyfish are masses apathetically drifting in the seas. They move tranquility and effortlessly. They are innocuous yet Box Jellyfish are in no way like that. They are exceptionally risky and can be deadly to people. In this blog, you will find truly fascinating and educational Box Jellyfish Facts for Kids.

What is Special About Box Jellyfish? 

Box Jellyfish are the most perilous jellyfish on the planet. They are additionally known as "Ocean Wasps" or "Marine Stingers". They have a cubical box-like physical appearance. Their normal life expectancy is not exactly a year. As indicated by contemplates, they can swim very fast like an efficient gold medalist swimmer.

Box Jellyfish Structure

Box jellyfishes are light blue colored invertebrate creatures. They don't have a spine in their bodies. Around twelve limbs develop from each edge of the ringer. Their arms can be up to 3 meters long and have numerous stinging cells. 

Box Jellyfish Eyes 

Box Jellyfish has a complex vi…

Dinosaurs Blog For Kids

Over 200 million years ago dinosaurs were the dominant creature of god on earth. Dinosaurs are named reptiles in the animal world. The word dinosaur implies unnerving reptile. This name was coined by Sir Richard Owen in 1842.

How Did They Look Like?
They used to look like either lizards or birds. Some had horns and spikes, while others had thick rough skin, and a few of them had quills.

Why Did They Extinct?
They were wiped out due to changes in the atmosphere. They couldn't tolerate the changing climate. Researchers hypothesize that some huge dinosaurs lived up to 300 years.

Dinosaur’s Residues
Dinosaur remains were first found in North America in 1854 by American geologist Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden. Dinosaur residues have been found on each landmass, surprisingly in the coolest Antarctica continent as well.

Size Of Dinosaurs
It is believed that the biggest dinosaur, was about 130 to 150 feet long and up to 50 feet tall. They were of different sizes the average size of dinosaurs can be…

What skills does your child require to develop for future employment?

It's time to rethink how we set up our children for the upcoming world's job scenario. Hypothetically, we cannot predict exactly what would be the trending jobs and occupations in the next couple of decades. But we are certain about the fact there would be a major change all over the world.
A study at the renowned institution believes that almost half of today's jobs will be no longer be there within the next 20 years.
The instruments laced with artificial intelligence would do most of the job without much human interaction. The upcoming job scenario would be robotic.
There would be a one-time investment on most of the machinery and instruments that too with minimum maintenance and supervision. The job would be more comfortable and workplaces like manufacturing units would be less hazardous. which is good but at the same time, it would pave the way to the retrenchment in manpower.
Common job oriented Skills The Common job oriented Skills that would be strongly recommended for t…

Penguin Facts for Kids

Penguins are birds heaving white and black color feathers. In spite of having feathers, they are unable to fly. Penguins can spend more than half of their time in the water. Their wings help them to swim. Their wings flip so well underwater. It looks like a bird is flying underwater. Penguins are great swimmers.
What Make Penguin Lovable? Penguins look very attractive. Children love their activities. They found it very funny. They are amazed at the Penguins' waddling gait of walking with short steps and sliding on ice.
Habitant All penguins live in the southern hemisphere. Penguins can live from the freezing continent of Antarctica to South Africa, Australia, and the subantarctic islands. They can live in extremely cold climates.
Penguin's Food Penguins eat a range of fish and other sea life that they catch underwater. Penguins eat a variety of sea life like fishes, octopus, Krill, silverfish, glacial squid, etc.

10 Facts About Penguin
1. Penguins can stay underwater for around 20 m…