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Mount Vesuvius is a famous volcano of all times.

Mount Vesuvius has always been a major attraction for geologists and historians. In this blog, we have collected 10 interesting facts about Mount Vesuvius. 1. Mount Vesuvius is located in the west of Italy near the coastal area. 2. Mount Vesuvius is one of the active volcanoes in Europe. 3. Its eruption happened over 200 times. 4. It has not erupted since March 1944. 5. Some of its eruptions were devastating. Its eruption played havoc in nearby cities Herculaneum and Pompeii in A.D. 79. 6. The height and its width changes after its eruption. 7. Mount Vesuvius is shaped out after breaking down of Mount Somma. 8. The region has two peaks Mount Vesuvius and Mount Somma. 9. The territory has been proclaimed as a national park on June 5, 1995, since then it has been a tourist attraction point. 10. Tourists are not permitted inside 200 meters of the summit point. The Apex Academy Preschool , North Richland Hills, Texas is   a perfect place for every child. We Offer

Neil Armstrong Facts For kids

Neil Armstrong was a renowned American space traveler and aeronautical specialist. Neil Armstrong is the first one who reached on the surface of the moon. Other than this, he was an aircraft tester, a maritime pilot in the United States Navy, and a college educator.   Here you are going to get brief information about Neil Armstrong: 1. He was born in the year 1930. Every year on 5th August he used to celebrate his birthday. 2. Ohio State of the USA is the place where he had spent his childhood. 3. While growing up he began to take interest in the astronomy. He was inquisitive about the stars and moon. 4. Neil Armstrong did his schooling from Blume High School. He completed his graduation in aerospace engineering from Purdue University. He held his master's degree from the University of Southern California in aeronautical engineering. 5. July 20th, 1969, is a historic day. The day is remembered and always be remembered for Neil Armstrong's greatest achievement