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5 Basic Skills To Learn In childhood

  Children start learning things by their first day. Parents need to teach them some basic skills that will be helpful for them in many conditions. There are so many things to learn but we are sharing some of them with you. Personal Hygiene It is one of the most crucial skills for everyone. Children must learn personal hygiene to stay healthy and protect themselves from various diseases. Brushing teeth, washing hands, using a handkerchief, combing hairs, etc. are good to adopt in starting. Time Management Parents must focus on teaching time management to their children. This skill will be helpful for them throughout their lifetime. Money management Children must learn this skill to effectively manage their pocket money and can buy their favorite things whenever needed. Things like saving money, and avoiding unnecessary purchases are good to adopt in starting. Social skills This important skill will help them to make new friends and become a noticeable child in their school and society.

Best Indoor Games For Children

  During the summer and winter holidays, parents won’t allow their kids to go out due to excess heat or cold temperature, but children always seek something to engage with otherwise they got bored or make some trouble for their parents. We suggest all parents give some time to their children so that they learn something new in a fun manner. Here we are suggesting a list of some fun and engaging indoor games. Touch and feel box It is one of my favorite games. This game is helpful for kids to enhance their capability of identifying different objects only by touching them.  All you need is a cardboard box or a shoebox with a hole (large enough for a kid’s hand) and various types of objects. Just put various objects in the box and ask your child to identify them. Puzzle This is an engaging game for children, all you need is to give them some educational puzzles or word puzzles. If you don't have any puzzles at home then take some old picture books and cut them into small square pieces