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Dinosaurs Blog For Kids

Over 200 million years ago dinosaurs were the dominant creature of god on earth. Dinosaurs are named reptiles in the animal world. The word dinosaur implies unnerving reptile. This name was coined by Sir Richard Owen in 1842. How Did They Look Like? They used to look like either lizards or birds. Some had horns and spikes, while others had thick rough skin, and a few of them had quills. Why Did They Extinct? They were wiped out due to changes in the atmosphere. They couldn't tolerate the changing climate. Researchers hypothesize that some huge dinosaurs lived up to 300 years. Dinosaur’s Residues Dinosaur remains were first found in North America in 1854 by American geologist Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden. Dinosaur residues have been found on each landmass, surprisingly in the coolest Antarctica continent as well. Size Of Dinosaurs It is believed that the biggest dinosaur, was about 130 to 150 feet long and up to 50 feet tall. They were of different sizes the average size of dinosau

What skills does your child require to develop for future employment?

It's time to rethink how we set up our children for the upcoming world's job scenario. Hypothetically, we cannot predict exactly what would be the trending jobs and occupations in the next couple of decades. But we are certain about the fact there would be a major change all over the world. A study at the renowned institution believes that almost half of today's jobs will be no longer be there within the next 20 years. The instruments laced with artificial intelligence would do most of the job without much human interaction. The upcoming job scenario would be robotic. There would be a one-time investment on most of the machinery and instruments that too with minimum maintenance and supervision. The job would be more comfortable and workplaces like manufacturing units would be less hazardous. which is good but at the same time, it would pave the way to the retrenchment in manpower. Common job oriented Skills The Common job oriented Skills that would be strongly reco