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Factors Contributing To Juvenile Crime

  Children cannot be held fully responsible for the small or big crimes they do knowingly or unknowingly. Juvenile crimes to an extent are increasing due to the blindness of our society. Children are innocent but they can commit a crime for the following reasons. 1. Economic problems Poverty or the urge to acquire expensive items for themselves can make them steal things. In most cases, poverty has nothing to do with crime but children are innocent they can do silly things. 2. Domestic violence Domestic violence can disturb children’s or adolescents’ peace of mind. In a chaotic frame of mind, they can do wrong things. 3. Insufficient knowledge and awareness Children don’t know what types of behavior are acceptable and offensive to society. Forget about society, they don’t even know what is good and bad for them. Lack of awareness is another reason why there is so much juvenile crime in the world. 4. Bad companions or friends Children’s friends have a great impact on their behavior. If

Positive Effects Of Single Parenting On Kids

You hear about the hardship of single parents many times. It is indeed difficult to raise children without your partner, but at the same time, it can be rewarding in the long term. Your hardship can yield positive results in the future. So what are the positive effects of single parenting on kids? Let's find out. 1. Strengthens relationship Single parents usually make a good presence in children’s life. The children’s love remains undivided. The single parent is both mom and dad for them. 2. Sense of responsibility Children realize that they have been brought up single handily with a lot of effort. The parents are doing their job with full responsibility. In the near future, they will be equally responsible. 3. Healthy home atmosphere They do not live in a toxic environment where the husband-wife now and then argue. They generally live in a healthy, peaceful environment. 4. Learn how to handle adversity Children see their single parents as a winner despite having lots of obstacl