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How To Teach Kids About Infatuations And Heartbreaks

Remember the days that are gone when you were a school-goer. How did you spend time? Think about your first childhood crush. You will probably think about your classmate. It is ridiculous to compare the two different scenarios. But still, when you compare, you will get to know how did you evolve yourself over the years in terms of a relationship. The same applies to your kid as well. You can teach kids about infatuations and heartbreaks taking your reference in the following ways. 1. Teach about priories Young kids have different priorities. They are more likely to do what they love than what is good for them. As kids grow older they explore themselves to set their priorities. 2. Infatuation is temporary As priorities keep changing year after year, it is quite natural to forget old commitments that seem to be irrelevant to today. 3. Heartbreaks are part of life Almost everybody goes through breakups and patch-ups. Give some time to cope with breakups. Time heals everything, isn’t it

What are some outdated parenting tips for babies?

Right from the time you announce the good news, your inbox gets flooded with congratulation messages. You will get plenty of advice on safe delivery practices. That is not enough, when the baby is born you will be bombarded with a lot of parenting advice. Few of them are genuine while most of them are just annoying. Here we have identified some of the outdated parenting advice that you can turn down. 1. Holding a baby too much is wrong You can hold your baby as long as the baby is comfortable. You will find people say holding a baby too much spoils children. 2. Superstitions about babies People have a lot of superstitions about babies based on certain traits. The superstitions are baseless. You can ignore such unproved talks. 3. Babies need a pin drop silence to sleep Babies can fall asleep in little bit noisy places. Babies sleep for a regular period. When they get tired, fall asleep. No special arrangement is required to make them sleep. 4. Baby walkers help babies to walk early Wa