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Elephant - The Biggest In The Wild

Dear children, let me introduce with the biggest creature of God on this planet the elephant.  Habitat: You must have seen real elephants in the zoos. Naturally, they are found in forests. They are usually found in Asia and Africa. Nature: They travel from one place to another place in a group. In the group young elephants to old elephants can be seen. An elephant can be up to 60-70 years old.  Elephants can be your friends. They are vegetarians and in general harmless to the human being. Trunk: Kids, you must be amazed at the elephant's long trunk. Its function is very similar to our nose. They smell and breath through their trunk.  The trunk is so flexible that can be used to take food and water. This is very similar to what we do with our hands. The elephants suck water to shower themselves using their trunk.       Tusk: Elephants do have a pair of long teeth. Their long teeth are called as tusk. Hunting: The human being is the biggest enemy of the elephan