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Save the Environment

Everything around us that affects our life is known as the environment. The environment includes air, water, plants, animals, land, etc. We human beings have been harming it for ages. Climate change is a consequence of continuously teasing the environment. We need to take several steps to protect the environment. Why Protecting the environment is necessary 1. Protecting the environment is necessary because we get the most precious things from the environment. Without them, we cannot imagine living. The precious things are air-water, food, and shelter. 2. Protecting the environment is our moral responsibility. 3. Polluting the environment results in bad quality fo food, water, and air. 4. Destruction of forests can lead to the extinction of many wild animals. Because forests are their home. It is a humanitarian thing to do. You make the planet a good place to live not only for you but also for all human beings and animals. The upcoming generation will live in a healthy e

School Counselors - Kid's Trouble Shooter

School counselors are the problem solver for kids. Some kids are reluctant to disclose their problems with their teachers and parents. They think nobody is going to understand them. In such cases they are helpful. The school counselors are genius. They are trained professionals. They listen carefully. They know all the possible ways to come out of the mess. When a child meets with the school counselor being bullied by a bunch of students Unable to concentrate in the classroom Poor academic report card Need Extra Classes Can't make friends Burdened with teacher's or parents' expectations. Hesitant about asking questions in the classroom. Unable to cope up with parents' separation. Upset about the death of the dear one. Problems are bound to happen. Even if you are okay don't need school counselors to help you must know who is the counselor at school. You can discuss your friend's problem with the counselor or you can recommend your friend to meet the counselo