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How Children learn to read

Kids face a hard time to understand a language. While growing up he understand the language automatically. As soon as the infant is born the process of learning the language begins. It is purely the kid's efforts coordinated with nature. We don't know how complex the process is but we can figure out its complexity when we make a kid to read alphabets or words. When we compare a kid's ability to learn a language with the learning to read the language, it can be concluded that both the process are very difficult. The first one is the natural one, while the latter is a manual skill that needs to be learnt. Phonemic Awareness This is the first baby step towards learning to read. A verbal speech can be disintegrated to separate sounds. A single unit of sound is known as a phoneme. A child needs to develop phonemic awareness. Thereafter, they can decode sounds, identity, analyze and later manipulates into words. Learning and Awareness of Alphabets Needless to say, kids have t

Immune System The Protection Against Pathogens

What is the Immune System? The immune system keeps us safe from diseases. The reason why we are disease-free is that our immune system is strong. Whenever our immune system fails to protect us from pathogens we get down with the fever, cold etc. Our immune system prevents viruses, bacteria and parasites to enter our body. If our immune system is weak these diseases causing bacteria and viruses easily enter into our body. How does it work?  The immune system encourages to produce cells that assist to kill disease-causing microorganism. Some cells do a specific task to kill a certain type of bacteria or virus. The immune system sends an alert signal to the body. The immune system takes action against the foreign body. Due to the war against the virus, our body becomes warm in fever. Components of Immune System The immune system is composed of various elements like antibodies, white blood cells, bone marrow spleen and proteins  White Blood Cells Bone Marrow