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Single Child Caring Tips

Along with time and era, the family concept and planning have changed. Families have become smaller and smaller. Joint families are breaking down into nuclear families. Parenting has become a great responsibility. Due to parents' apprehensions and worries, there are more single-child families. Having a lone kid gives you relief and that allows you to uplift the living conditions and give extra care to your child, but at the same time, it gives you some weak moments. Tips For Raising An Only Child 1. Teach to share things Usually, your single child doesn't want to share things with other kids. He developed a sense of belongingness pretty early at the age of 3. At preschool, you can talk about it with trainers or teachers. 2. Instruct on how to care for people The single child finds it very difficult to understand emotions. Parents and teachers can organize a visit to an orphanage and explain why they need caring. 3. Help your child to get along with others Increment positive