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Preparing your kid for kindergarten is something that we often worried about. I remember the day when I had to send my child out to introduced with the new world. My kid was adamant about leaving him behind. He was crying out badly. Somehow I managed to leave him there with a heavy heart. When I was leaving I could not dare to turn around to see him because his teary eyes wanted me to stay back. The process continued to happen like that for several more days. When it got set as a routine. Things began to improve with my kid. I kept on asking myself. Had I prepared my kid for kindergarten the way I wanted? No, I couldn't. Now I have realized. The child should have been prepared for that difference. “What readiness means varies incredibly from the community to community, school to school, teacher to teacher, parent to parent, nation to nation,” says Beth Graue, Ph.D., a Professor of Early Childhood Education. Nevertheless, the Kindergarten-readiness may vary from child to c