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10 Raccoon Facts For Kids

Raccoons are shrewd and inquisitive creatures for children. They are known for devastating nurseries and making a wreck at trash jars. They look like wearing a dark veil or mask that covers their eyes. That makes them look like adorable looters. 1. A raccoon warm-blooded creature species locally found in North America. Raccoons' average lifespan is 2 to 3 years. Though, it can live until 5 years in a good healthy atmosphere in the wild. 2. A raccoon performs all the locomotive actions of life during nights. Therefore, they are nocturnal. 3. A raccoon is noteworthy for its insight. 4. It consumes plants and animals to get energy. Small animals, vertebrates and invertebrates are their food.   Raccoons have gray or brown fur on their bodies. Around the eyes it is black. 5. In general, their locomotion is walking on the soles of the feet, like a human or a four-legged animal like a bear. They can get up on their hind feet and stand tall lifting their paws t

Statue of Liberty Facts for Kids

1. The Statue of Liberty isn't an ordinary landmark. It represents freedom for all individuals around the globe. It is a gigantic model based on Liberty Island in New York City. 2. The sculpture is made using metals, copper and iron. The statue is 305 feet and 1 inch tall that makes it 225 ton heavy. 3. There are 354 steps to move to the top of the Statue of Liberty, which is proportionate to a 20 story building. 4. The statue of liberty is the third-highest sculpture of the world after the statue of liberty and the Spring Temple Buddha. 5. Its torch flame is gold-plated which focuses on the way to freedom. 6. The Statue of Liberty denotes the friendship between the USA and France during the American Revolution. 7. Then individuals used to go by ships. The southwest location of the Statue of Liberty empowered it to invite any guests. 8. The Statue of Liberty takes after the Roman goddess "Libertas" who speaks freedom from mistreatment and d