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7 Reasons Why Your Child May Be Unhappy

Happiness has got nothing to do with money. Children are resilient and can forget bad things easily. If your children seem unhappy for a longer time than usual, you are advised to look for the following reasons. Probably you may find one or more than one reason for your children’s unhappiness. 1. Adversity Maybe, your child had a hard time dealing with peer pressure, difficulty understanding the subject, or it can be just bad luck creating trouble for children. 2. Technology Usage Technology usage leaves a negative effect on social and behavioral development. Kids may find it difficult to interact with others. 3. Loneliness Children feel lonely because either they are the only child in their family or their parents are busy and ignore their needs. Lonely children find it difficult to make friends. 4. Parent’s Separation Children need both mother and father. Children go through a lot of pain when their parents get separated. Parents can be together for the family's happiness. Love y

7 Best Birthday Gifts For Children

Birthdays are always special for kids. Children count every day when their birthdays are around the corner. They love the entire process of sending the invitation to a friend, the decoration, the dance, and the enjoyment. Sometimes we get confused about what can be the best gift for the kid. 1. A Boxing Set with a Punching Bag This gift is best suited for kids who are interested in boxing or action sports. The kid will enjoy the sport and learn to focus on hand-eye coordination. 2. A Science Experiment Kit The gift will attract those children who are 10 to 13 years old and interested in studies, especially in science. Your kid will enjoy conducting experiments for fun at home. 3. Teddy Bear chair Kids love teddy bears. The teddy bear chair will keep them happy. They can sit or play with the chair. This type of chair is easy to replace from the drawing-room to their room. 4.  Kids' Tent This type of gift is best for single kids who love to play on their own. The kids will enjoy and