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Promoting Nonviolent Solutions

Openness to brutality or violence can change how kids feel and act. Remember one thing; newborn babies can never be violent. When they start growing up and learn things, they can turn violent. It wouldn't be wrong to say, it is we and our society responsible for children's violent behavior. Children become more violent when their parents use violent ways to teach them lessons. There are the following ways to promoting nonviolent solutions. 1. Practice talking about feelings Check whether your child could express how she/he felt. Perhaps your child uses anger to express grudges and get violent. Talking about feelings helps how to express emotions in the most appropriate ways 2. Disapprove Child's Whim Without Scolding Calm down if your children fantasize to acquire some inappropriate things. Without getting to hash turn down children’s demand. Make sure your child does not get hurt badly. 3. Guide your child on how to mend ways Look for opportunities to discuss the aftermath

Why Friendship Is Important For Children

Your baby's world is small that includes parents, grandparents, siblings, and a nanny. It gradually increases when your child starts going to school and try to build bonds with people. Bonding with other children feels good about himself. Getting along well with people helps children learn life skills, by which children can resolve conflicts and problems when they grow into teenagers or adults. Parents should make friendships a priority for their children. Parents get afraid their children out of their sight because they think it’s dangerous to play outside without their supervision. Here, we have some valid reasons why friendship is important for children? 1. Trust and Beliefs Beliefs are the driving force of our thoughts and emotions. It is our beliefs that decide our course of action. Friendship has a great influence on what we believe about the world around us including ourselves. Children get easily influenced by their friends. 2. Increase Wisdom Friendships lead your child t