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Tips On Parenting Teens

  Parenting teens can be an uphill task. You can't become a helicopter parent and hover all-around your teenage kids. Teenage is a tender age where your children tend to get into the tentacles of the wrong people. You worry about your kids and get panicked. Here, we are providing you some useful tips on parenting teens.  1. Set rules and guideline  It is for educating discipline, not rebuffing or controlling your youngster. It is an urge for your adolescent to act well. 2. Explain the consequences Impose certain things on your kids. Your kids may argue with you. Explain to them what all can be the consequences if they do not listen to you. 3. Tell them your expectations Naturally, your teenagers respect you. Tell them what you are expecting from them. Your expectations should be drilled well in their mind that will prevent them from making a wrong decision.  4. Display love and caring You should never shy about telling them that no one can love you more than your parents. If you li

Parenting An Angry Child

It is awful when your kids find it very difficult to cool down. Before reacting to your child's exasperation, understand that this is something manageable. So it is significant to show them the abilities they need to manage their sentiments solidly.  5 Ways To Help An Angry Child 1. Educate Your Child About Sentiments And Different Feelings Children are bound to burst out when they don't comprehend their sentiments or express their feelings. You can start using simple words such as hungry, angry, sad, mad, tired, happy, etc.  When your kids learn to understand, you can educate them about feelings in a better way. For example, Calm down looks like you are hungry.   2.  Find What Should Children Do To Calm Down Develop a calm down habit when a fit of anger prompts them to something destructive. It is better to do something constructive such as coloring books or making a paper craft. 3. Instruct Them To Manage Anger Anger is controllable by using a good technique. Take a deep brea