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Best Things About Having Kids

If you ask me what all are the pros and cons of having kids, I would say, of course, there are some disadvantages but the advantages overpower the disadvantages. If you are planning to have kids, you may have the following advantages. 1. They’re always yours Your children will be yours forever. You will not be dependent on others children. You can have some expectations from them because they are always yours. 2. They’re different Your children are unique to you. You can easily differentiate your children from others. Even if you have twins, you would see a lot of differences between the two of them. 3. You will do anything for them No matter how much capable you are. You will do the best for your children. You can do some great things that you never did for yourself. 4. They are your best critics Your children can be brutally honest. They often tell you the truth about you. They don’t exaggerate or underestimate the whole thing about your parenting behaviour. 5. They’re your entertai

Expectations of children from their parents

Every relationship is bound to have some expectations. The Parent-children relationship is not an exception. The way parents expect, children also expect the same way. Of course, the expectations are different. 1. Your time Parenting is a full-time job. Children need your full support for everything they do. Young babies all need is parents time. 2. Bedtime stories Parents can not sleep until their children sleep. You need to play the role of storyteller. They need you there to fall asleep. 3. Play outside Children expect you to play along with them. They need to be accompanied by you. When you play with them, they will have a good time. 4. Cuddle, Hug, Patting, and smooching Children expect you to show your love for them. You need to display love and support by hugging them or patting their back when they do something good. 5. Care for them Children expect you to care when they are unwell, hungry, or crying. Caring for them gives them instant satisfaction. 6. Nutritious food Children