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How to make the most out of my time with my child(ren)?

Life is challenging we hardly get time for ourselves. Despite the challenges in our life, we aim to spend our precious time with family. Parents often worry about their children, they want to spend most of their time with their children. Our work and our other commitments do not permit us to spend most of our time with them. Some parents manage their time so well that they spend sufficient time with their kids. Some of them don't. Here we are giving you some tips on How to make the most out of your time with your child(ren).   Enable Ginger Cannot connect to Ginger Check your internet connection or reload the browser Disable in this text field Edit Edit in Ginger Edit in Ginger × 1. Laugh freely and be kiddish with your child. It is important when you have a single child because two children can be best friends.  2. Do an activity together such as bike riding, watching television programs, outdoor or indoor games. The activities not only allow you to spend time with kids but also

What Type Of Parents, Are You?

  Parenting is something that we all know, but at the same time, no doubt it is very difficult. However, it becomes a little bit easier when you get to know what types of parents you are. Here we are going to discuss different types of parenting. You just need to comprehend things to become a better guardian. Your nurturing style demonstrates so many things regarding your relationship with your little ones. Hence, you would like to alter or change your nurturing styles once you realize that something is not correct.  Strict Parents Strict parents resemble authoritarian parents.  Although they love their children, but never try to let their children know they are the entire world for them. They set rules and regulations and impose restrictions on them. On violating the rules and regulations they punish their children. You become a strict parent when you have a high expectation from your father. Nonrestrictive Parents Studies say this parenting style is not good for your kids. This type