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Antarctica Interesting Facts for Kids

Antarctica is a very unique continent among all the continent. When the Antarctica lesson is taught in the school, kids pay almost attention because of their unique characteristics.  Antarctica stands at number 5 when we compare its area with other continents. It is situated on the Southpole of the earth. The continent is twice in size of Australia covering an area of 14 million square kilometers. The continent is encircled by the Southern ocean from all directions.   The Coldest & Driest Place Most of the part of Antarctica almost 98% is covered with the thick ice of almost 2 kilometers. The weather is the coldest and driest of the earth. Windy cold waves run here to shiver you up.  The human population is very less in Antarctica. It is only between 1000 to 5000 that too during summer.  The researchers and tourists live temporarily in Antarctica. During winter the human population migrates to their native countries due to extremely cold weather. The minimum temperature

A Brief Introduction About Box Jellyfish For Kids

Jellyfish are masses apathetically drifting in the seas. They move tranquility and effortlessly. They are innocuous yet Box Jellyfish are in no way like that. They are exceptionally risky and can be deadly to people. In this blog, you will find truly fascinating and educational Box Jellyfish Facts for Kids. What is Special About Box Jellyfish?  Box Jellyfish are the most perilous jellyfish on the planet. They are additionally known as "Ocean Wasps" or "Marine Stingers". They have a cubical box-like physical appearance. Their normal life expectancy is not exactly a year. As indicated by contemplates, they can swim very fast like an efficient gold medalist swimmer. Box Jellyfish Structure Box jellyfishes are light blue colored invertebrate creatures. They don't have a spine in their bodies. Around twelve limbs develop from each edge of the ringer. Their arms can be up to 3 meters long and have numerous stinging cells.  Box Jellyfish Eyes  Box Jelly