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Ways To Let Your Children Know You Are Proud Of Them

  Parents love their children beyond limits. They are proud of them for whatever they are. Parents should reveal what they feel good about them. Such revelation motivates them to do well in life. It is vital to tell your kids that you are proud of them. Use the following tips to let your children know that you are a proud parent. 1. Do The Pride Exercise   Get together with your friends’ families. Do share what you feel about your kids. What do your children do well? How they make you proud of them. Do the pride exercise once in a couple of months.   2. Talk About Achievements   Your children must have achieved something. Talk about the achievement. To achieve something you have to go past barriers. Praise your children on how did they overcome obstacles.   3. Express Confidence   While praising their achievements, you can give your vote of confidence. You can say " That was a difficult task, but you did it well! You have a lot of potential you can handle many such

Child Care Safety Checklist for Parents

  Giving a protected atmosphere to kids should be the prime concern of any childcare center. A safe environment is created using the equipment and staff training. Keeping every child safe can be achieved when a daycare center meets the following standards of safety. 1. Emergency Staff Training Staff should be trained for emergencies, which includes first aid training, supervising children, if they need medical help and emergency contact details. 2. Toy Safety   Non-breakable toys are safe because they are not shattered by sharp harmful objects. Instruct the daycare trainer on the proper use of riding toys. Make sure children do not put toys in their mouths. Their toys should be regularly sanitized.   3. Kid's Room safety Use CCTV cameras in children's rooms for safety purposes. Staff can see the entire room. Make sure that in the room there should be no such place where children could hide.   4. Play Area Safety The play area is infamous for injuries. You need