10 Oceania and Australia facts for kids

1. Across the Pacific Ocean, there is a large number of islands. These islands are collectively known as Oceania.  
2. Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia are big parts of Oceania. 
3. Australia, New Zealand, and some surrounding islands are collectively known as Australasia.
4. There are 14 countries in the Oceania region. 
5. Australia is the biggest country in the Oceania region.
6. Australia was discovered in 1770 then it was defined as “Unknown Southern Land. Later it was named after Latin word australis.
7. Australia is the smallest continent in the world and the second least populated continent after Antarctica.
8. Australia declared an independent country on 1 January 1901. Commonwealth of Australia is its official name. 
9. The Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand,  and Papua New Guinea are the three main independent countries in the Australia continent.
10. Oceania is situated on the southern side of the equator. This implies that days in December, January and February are hot and June, July, and August are the months of the winter season.

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