10 Fossil Fuel Facts For Kids

Today petroleum products or fossil fuels are undoubtedly the chief sources of energy. Human beings are largely dependent on fossil fuels for their energy needs. Fossil fuels will no longer be available for future generations owing to the increasing demand for energy.

1. Fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, and petroleum oil fulfill 80% of the world's energy needs.

2. Fossil fuels are unsustainable. It takes millions of years to form. After a period of time, the supply of petroleum products will be running out.

3. Fossil fuels formed naturally from the decomposition of buried dead plants and animals millions of years ago.

4. Fossil fuels are compounds of hydrogen and carbon (hydrocarbons). It provides energy when the bonds between carbon and hydrogen are broken through combustion.

5. Fossil fuels contribute a lot to the economy of a nation. 

6. Electricity is generated using fossil fuels. Coal is a prominent fuel for the generation of electricity.

7. Fossil fuels have great significance in the traveling and transportation of goods. Its combustion gives power to the vehicle. Gasoline and CNG, Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), diesel oil, etc are the forms of fossil fuels utilized as fuel for transportation.      

8. Fossil fuel has domestic significance as well. For instance, propane gas is used in cooking food.

9. Fossil fuels are found in various countries in the world. In some countries, it is found in surplus while in some countries it is scantly or not found. 

Top 3 natural gas producing countries -  USA, Russia, and Iran

Top 3 crude oil-exporting countries -  Saudi Arabia, Russia and Iraq

Top 3 coal producing countries -  China, India and the United States

10. The consumption of petroleum products causing genuine impacts on the health of people. Its combustion pollutes the environment. Global warming is increasing due to the excessive use of fossil fuels.   


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