What Type Of Parents, Are You?


Parenting is something that we all know, but at the same time, no doubt it is very difficult. However, it becomes a little bit easier when you get to know what types of parents you are. Here we are going to discuss different types of parenting. You just need to comprehend things to become a better guardian.

Your nurturing style demonstrates so many things regarding your relationship with your little ones. Hence, you would like to alter or change your nurturing styles once you realize that something is not correct. 

Strict Parents

Strict parents resemble authoritarian parents. Although they love their children, but never try to let their children know they are the entire world for them. They set rules and regulations and impose restrictions on them. On violating the rules and regulations they punish their children. You become a strict parent when you have a high expectation from your father.

Nonrestrictive Parents

Studies say this parenting style is not good for your kids. This type of parenting can spoil them completely. This type of parenting can make your child alcohol dependence or drug addict.
Life is all about balancing this parenting style prevent to develop self-control in your kids. Your child can deliver lower academic results as a result of low self-control. If you are putting no restriction on your kids, be careful. 

Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter parenting refers to "a style of parents who overly focused on their children," says Carolyn Daitch.
Parents of 13 to19 years old can be helicopter parents, though it is applicable at any age. Actually, this type of parent hovers all-around their children because they are anxious and try to help everywhere, irrespective of whether they need help or not.

Tiger Parenting

Tiger parenting is a variant of the strict parenting style where parents, especially mothers raise their children in a very traditional Chinese way to achieve excellent academic success or success in extracurricular activities such as sports and arts. Tiger parenting helps children in making their future by empowering them with skill development.

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