Helping Students To Adjust At School During COVID-19


Getting back to schools after a hiatus of a few months gives you pleasure as you missed interacting with staff members and all yours lovely young students. You must have enjoyed the work from home culture. Since it stretches so long, you would be happier to get back to work. Now when schools are opening up with precautions. Teachers would give all their support in adjusting students to the new normal. It is challenging. Since teachers not only save themselves from the infection but also have the responsibility to keep children infection-free. 

How to support students in the classroom adjusting the situation 

1. Listen to students' concerns. 

 2. Be honest and encourage them to take precautions. 

3. Reward students for their efforts. 

4. Help children adjust to COVID-19 precautions. 

5. Set up ways for your child to socialize safely. 

6. Write positive or encouraging notes on the class board. 

7. Pay attention to signs of anxiety during this time. 

8. Have an open conversation about the pandemic. It's natural to feel anxious. 

9. Teach them through germs are invisible, it could, in any case, be there. 

10. Encourage regular handwashing to keep them germ-free. 

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