Promoting Nonviolent Solutions

Openness to brutality or violence can change how kids feel and act. Remember one thing; newborn babies can never be violent. When they start growing up and learn things, they can turn violent. It wouldn't be wrong to say, it is we and our society responsible for children's violent behavior. Children become more violent when their parents use violent ways to teach them lessons. There are the following ways to promoting nonviolent solutions.

1. Practice talking about feelings

Check whether your child could express how she/he felt. Perhaps your child uses anger to express grudges and get violent. Talking about feelings helps how to express emotions in the most appropriate ways

2. Disapprove Child's Whim Without Scolding

Calm down if your children fantasize to acquire some inappropriate things. Without getting to hash turn down children’s demand. Make sure your child does not get hurt badly.

3. Guide your child on how to mend ways

Look for opportunities to discuss the aftermath of violence, pointing out scenarios that show in movies, books, and real-life incidence. So your kids develop a concept of what’s considered a non-violent way to deal with things.

4. Give Them Choices

Rather than saying direct no, you can give them better choices like playing or participate in competitions. Your child can pour aggression into winning a game rather than breaking down household things in aggression.

5. Help Your Child Realize Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, but everyone does not realize mistakes. Realizing mistakes is the first and solid step towards improvements. Once your child starts realizing his mistakes, you will see some good changes.

6. Do not Allow Children To Play Violent Games

Violent real and virtual games can instigate brutality in children. Encourage your children to play some creative game rather than making your child trigger happy.

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