How To Help Your Child Prepare For A New Sibling


Are you planning for a new addition to your family? You must be wondering how would your firstborn will react to the news. Well, you need some helpful tips on how to help your child prepare for a new sibling. You can consider the following tips.

 1. Sharing The Good News

 Sharing such type of news to a preschooler is somewhat difficult. As they are unaware of how it may change everybody’s life within a few months. So disclose it happily.


 2. Remind The Child Was A Baby Once

 This is a good tip your baby can connect to your unborn baby. Show your child the pictures or videos when the firstborn was a baby.


 3. Ask For Your Child’s Advice

 When you go shopping ask for your child's choice for example color or pattern of clothes and accessories. See whether he is enthusiastic about the newborn arrival.


 4. Expect A Little Resistance

 Initially, your child may not look happy about arriving a new baby in the house. Have patience when your newborn grows. The siblings will start playing together and their bond.


5. Let Your Firstborn Accompany You On Doctor’s Visits

 Take your elder child every time you visit the doctor for a check-up. Your son/daughter is more likely to get connected with the family, especially the baby in your worm. 


 6. Buy A Newborn Doll

 Get a newborn doll for your child. Make him/her learn how to take care of the newborn. Guide your child on why your younger sibling needs care.

 7. Ask For Help

 When the baby is born. Ask for small help such as fetching diapers, pushing the walker, etc. The child would love his/her new role in childcare. Appreciate the baby steps toward sibling caring.

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