Ways To Let Your Children Know You Are Proud Of Them

 Parents love their children beyond limits. They are proud of them for whatever they are. Parents should reveal what they feel good about them. Such revelation motivates them to do well in life. It is vital to tell your kids that you are proud of them. Use the following tips to let your children know that you are a proud parent.

1. Do The Pride Exercise 

Get together with your friends’ families. Do share what you feel about your kids. What do your children do well? How they make you proud of them. Do the pride exercise once in a couple of months.


2. Talk About Achievements 

Your children must have achieved something. Talk about the achievement. To achieve something you have to go past barriers. Praise your children on how did they overcome obstacles.


3. Express Confidence 

While praising their achievements, you can give your vote of confidence. You can say " That was a difficult task, but you did it well! You have a lot of potential you can handle many such things well.


4. It Should Be Genuine 

Prepare a script that sounds genuine. Keep your tone stern and do not exaggerate things. Your kids may not like your fake appreciation.


5. Say I Am Proud Of You 

You have to use praiseworthy sentences that conclude you are proud of them. For example, You are an amazing son/daughter!” “You must be the smartest kid in your class!”, “You are very mature for a nine-year-old boy.”


6. keep Children Modest

You can mention others' names such as coaches or teachers while praising your children's achievements. It will keep your children polite and arrogant-free. You have to praise others' efforts as well. That will work for the reality check that other people are also doing great jobs.


7. Focus On Body Language While Praising 

Focus on your children while praising them. You should look confident while delivering your speech. Maintain eye contact trough out the event. Use genuine facts and figures.

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