Why Fishes Are Important


Fish are the world's oldest creators. We have approximately 70% of the world's oceans, and fish help to maintain marine ecosystems and provide support to other marine life.

1. Marine ecosystem beauty: Fish add to the beauty of our rivers, oceans, ponds, and even a small aquarium.

2. Fish are a major source of food for humans and millions of animals in areas where getting other foods is nearly impossible, such as frozen areas.

3. Aids in the health of sea plants and corals: They recycle the nutrients they take in through excretion, providing the fertilizer sea grass and algae require to grow.

4. Lowest environmental impact: Seafood has a much lower environmental impact than land-based food.

5. A healthy native fish community contributes to the health of the river by cycling nutrients such as carbon and nitrogen and maintaining productive food webs.

6. Produce a large number of products: Fish produce a variety of valuable byproducts. These byproducts include fish oil, fish meat, fertilizer, fish glue, and so on. These by-products are widely used in paintings, soaps, oils, and medicines.

7. Helps in absorbing excess carbon: oceans absorb a large amount of carbon produced by us, and fishes help in maintaining the oceans healthy and functioning properly.

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